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Understanding Publish Transportation

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5 Ways To Use A Car Service To Keep Your Wedding On Schedule

Weddings tend to go off schedule quickly. From rounding up everyone for the rehearsal to ensuring your VIPs get from one place to another to starting the ceremony on time, you may end up feeling like a stage manager—or a cat wrangler. How can you make this easier on yourself? Hire an executive car service, then apply these tips.  

1. Arrange Airport Transportation

Your out-of-town guests often have the biggest chances of ending up lost and/or behind schedule. Reduce their stress and get them where and when they need to be by arranging airport pickups and drop-offs. This is especially important if anyone will be flying immediately before the rehearsal or on the wedding day. 

2. Decide for Some People

Think about the makeup of your VIP guests, immediate family, and wedding party members. Are some of them notoriously late or scatterbrained? If they are at a high risk of not being on time, make the decision for them. Tell them that they're being picked up by a car and driver at a particular time. 

3. Schedule Your Exit

Decide with your partner when you want to leave the ceremony and when you will leave the reception. Then schedule a car to pick you both up. This helps you escape the party (and your well-meaning family and friends) at a reasonable hour and find time to spend alone with your new spouse. 

4. Leave a Buffer

One key to keeping the wedding day on schedule is expecting things to take longer than planned. Add buffers to various activities on your timeline, usually between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the activity. This includes individual car pickups (in case of latecomers) and driving between venues.

5. Consider Multiple Cars

If you have the room in your wedding day budget, scheduling more than one car and driver is a great choice. Multiple cars allow you to speed up pickups of people at different locations. It creates a backup plan in case anything goes awry. And it means that a car can wait for late arrivals without throwing off the entire plan. You may even find that hiring two smaller cars is comparable to one larger one. 

Where to Start

Ready to start planning ways to keep your wedding day on time? Begin by meeting with an experienced executive car service in your area today. With their help and these tips, your big day will go like clockwork.

Contact a local car service to learn more.