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Understanding Publish Transportation

When I moved to the city, I quickly realized that I needed to learn more about the public transit system. We didn't have a parking spot for my car, and I knew that I didn't want to deal with paying storage fees. To make things easier, I sold the car and used the money to buy public transit passes. After I started riding the subway, things became much clearer. I was able to figure out where to get off and how to get on the right train, and it really made my commute a lot easier. This blog is all about understanding public transit and the benefits that it can offer.

Pragmatic Details To Consider When Renting Exotic Cars

Exotic cars can be great fun to rent and drive, but there are pragmatic details that must be considered before renting one. If you plan to rent an exotic car for an upcoming trip, make sure these details are thought through beforehand.


Look at the weather shortly before your trip, specifically to see how sunny or rainy your trip might be. Adjust your chosen exotic car for the weather. Go with a convertible if you expect mostly sunny and cloud-free days during your trip. If frequent rain is forecasted, choose a non-convertible car instead. If you'd like to change your chosen exotic car because of the weather, contact the rental company you're getting the car from. Explain the weather considerations, and they may agree to let you switch vehicles. Most will allow switches so long as they have the available inventory.

Trunk Space

Make sure your chosen car has enough trunk space for all of your luggage. Many exotic cars have smaller trunks, and sports cars can have especially small trunks or cargo areas. Trunk space isn't as important if you're taking a long weekend by yourself or with one other person. If you're traveling for several weeks or with a family, however, many smaller exotic cars may not have all of the luggage room you need. You can either send suitcases on ahead or rent a luxury SUV instead.

Fuel Costs

When you drive an exotic car, you should be prepared to spend a little more on fuel than you normally would. Exotic cars are built primarily for performance, which sometimes comes at the cost of fuel efficiency. It's also great fun to rev their engines and accelerate quickly, which also consumes more fuel. Of course, you may also just spend more time driving on your trip. Your fuel costs won't be astronomically higher when driving an exotic car, but they probably will be slightly higher. Budget extra, and consider it a pleasant surprise if you don't need the additional gas money.

Parking Spots

Most exotic cars are small enough to fit in compact or standard-sized parking spaces. You may want to specifically seek out safe parking spaces, however. For example, you may choose to park in a monitored parking lot rather than on the streets. The car is less likely to sustain damage when parked in a monitored lot than it is if parked on a street with other vehicles regularly going by.

For more information about exotic car rentals, contact a car rental agency, such as Rent & Paradise.