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Understanding Publish Transportation

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Commercial Boat Transport – What Can You Expect?

If you have a commercial boat that you need to transport from one location to another, you are likely going to need help from a boat transport company like Safe Harbor Haulers. Boating transport companies can move larger sea vessels, which can make life easier and less stressful for you. Maritime transport experts will provide you with shipping options, but it is best if you know what to expect and how to prepare prior to shipment.

Transport Options You Can Expect

First, you should be aware of the options you will likely have available to you. An explanation of your options helps you understand what to expect from the shipment process. When it comes to boat hauling, companies will often offer Ro-Ro or Lo-Lo ships. The Ro-Ro options essentially mean the company is proposing the use of a roll-on/roll-off ship.

Ro-Ro ships will haul your commercial vessel onboard using ramps. Part of the reason Ro-Ro is such a popular choice is that it is a fast, relatively simple way to transport both land and sea vehicles. The vessel is rolled up a set of ramps and rolled back off once the ship carrying your boat reaches the correct destination.

A professional boat hauling company may also offer to haul your vessel using a Lo-Lo ship, which is a lift-on/lift-off ship. Lift-on/lift-off ships require the use of an overhead crane that lifts your vessel and sets it upon the deck of the ship. An overhead crane will once again lift your vessel off the ship once it reaches the correct destination.

Determining which option is best for you will depend on factors such as the following:

  • Size of your vessel
  • Budget constraints
  • Shipment availability options
  • Shipping timeframe

An expert can help you choose which option is right for you based on each factor and your shipping preferences.

International and National Shipping

If you are looking at national shipping, there should not be much that you would have to worry about. You will fill out the paperwork provided to you by the transport company and the company will handle the rest. When it comes to international boat hauling, you might feel a bit of apprehension. You might think international shipping is a far more difficult task.

However, many boat transport companies will handle the legalities involved with transporting your boat, which helps take a weight off your shoulders. Keep in mind that international transport may involve more paperwork than national transport. Therefore, one of your biggest worries would likely be reading and filling out the various forms the transport company expects you to sign.

Expectations During Transport

Once your vessel is loaded onto the proper ship, the physical side of the transport process will begin. Make sure you have realistic expectations for shipping. Although you may have set a delivery date, do not fret if your vessel does not arrive on time. Ship captains sometimes run into external events that can delay the shipment process.

For instance, bad weather, international enforcement agencies, and other events can slow or even halt the shipment process. Therefore, if you need your vessel by a specific date with no leeway, you should make sure to schedule your transport in advance. By scheduling your shipment in advance, you give the transport ship time in the event it is running behind schedule.

Reach out to a professional boat hauling company near you if you need boat hauling services. An expert can help guide you through the process and get you going with a transport option that best suits your needs. A professional can also answer any other questions you may have, especially if you are wondering what else you can expect from the boat hauling experience.